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Columbia Flower Market London

Columbia flower market is the most idyllic market in the whole of London, the narrow Columbia Road is full to the rooftops of the most beautiful of flowers, houseplants, bulbs, shrubs and herbs. The atmosphere is something out of a movie isn't far from that of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts taking a stroll down the street in Notting Hill. The market and shops are open every Sunday from 8 am-3 pm. Along with the market the street is surrounded by an accumulation of small independent shops and restaurants selling unique jewellery to vintage clothing to beautiful furniture and lots of delicious cakes. There is arguably no better way to spend a Sunday browsing the flower market, even if the weather isn't ideal the market will certainly brighten up anyone's day. When you see pictures online it doesn't prepare you for the mass of crowds who attend every Sunday, so make sure you turn up nice and early to avoid them. You can also, (which sometimes I prefer to do) arrive near on closing time and secure yourself a bargain that David Dickinson would be proud of. Some flower dealers reduce their stock by 90% towards the end of the day (around 3 pm). As you can see pictured above, I have managed to secure beautiful bargains on many occasions. A lot of stands take cards but some are cash only, also whilst the traders are trying to shift all their remaining stock most of them will only take cash, so do make sure you take a tenner with you to get a quick purchase. There is usually a bit of a rush at the end, with many like-minded people trying to secure a deal, so if you like the hustle and bustle of London this is the place to be. The market is only a stone's throw from Brick Lane market, and I like to end a day at Brick Lane here and secure a few bargains before I head home.

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