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Intercontinental Carlton Cannes France

As someone who studied film and media at university, Cannes festival has always been a dream of mine. Everything about it emanates prestige and old school glamour that no other event can seem to achieve.

One of my favourite pass-times is browsing the Voyage-Prive website. I can find myself spending numerous hours indulging in viewing the most beautiful luxury hotels and holiday destinations. One day I was browsing, when I found the most incredible deal. It was to stay in the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes, the deal I managed to secure was for 3 days and 2 nights. This included 1 Superior Room for 2 guests, a champagne buffet breakfast at the Carlton Restaurant and Flights from London to Nice return TOTAL: £483. Although at first, this seemed like a lot of money to spend on a present, it was more than worth it. In terms of the service from Voyage-Prive it was impeccable from start to finish.

The Intercontinental Carlton Cannes is unquestionably incredible in its beauty, I have stayed in many hotels but nothing quite holds a candle to the historical Carlton. Walking into the Intercontinental Cannes hotel gave me a sense of grandeur and opulence that I had never experienced, the staff treated us as if we were Grace Kelly spending a weekend in the french riviera, accommodating would be an understatement. The rooms possess the true French characteristics that I had only imagined from old french films. My room overlooked the Mediterranean sea and was so peaceful to sit by the window watching the waves crash onto the shore. The size of the room was incredible, usually, things are quality over quantity but this certainly had both. One feature that stood out to me was the bathroom, everything just seemed lavish and bespoke to the style I prefer.

The breakfast each morning was such an incentive to leave the luxury suite. There was an option to have the breakfast delivered to your room, but my boyfriend likes his portions. I've never seen such a vast variety of breakfast, from fried eggs, mushrooms and bacon to pastries, to yoghurts and pancakes to champagne! It had everything. Also, I have to give some more credit to the staff, if you needed anything they would hand-deliver it straight to your table. In the warmer seasons, you can eat outside but on a March morning, this seemed a tad brave. When we felt we ate too much, there was always the downstairs gym to burn it off. Overall, this was one of the most relaxing, indulging and straight-up classy trips I've ever been on. Highly recommend the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes, although some places don't usually make the revisit list this one certainly does. If you have been to Cannes, what was your personal highlight? Drop a comment below.

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