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Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable fashion seems to be the most talked about trend this past year, we as the consumer are becoming more concerned about how we impact the planet, with everyone telling you to swap your high street brands for sustainable fashion labels. I recently went to a talk by TRAID which is a UK charity, they spoke about how Londoners are the most unsustainable people in the world! We are living in a time where we are updating our wardrobes more frequently, the trends are turning around faster, and fast fashion brands are able create a line from start to finish in under a week.

I remember at university for the sports socials we would have a new theme every week; golfing, Goldilocks and the three bears, whiteboard party and army to name a few. As we were students with very little money to spend on clothes (most of it spent on jägerbombs) we would browse the cheap fast fashion brands to create a quick outfit that would never be worn again.

The talk really got me thinking how sustainable is my wardrobe? The truth is not enough, even though I do shop in many charity and vintage shops to find the hidden gems of designer items. My main wardrobe is jam packed with brands from the high street that doesn't have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

As we have entered the new decade I am looking to better myself, it's unrealistic that I can throw everything out my wardrobe and purchase a new one, because this is too expensive. I have started to slowly buy items to replace my high street brands, I've been disposing the hoarder mentality and introducing a more unique sustainable one.

People associate the word sustainable with being an eco-warrior, but in my opinion caring about the environment should be primary. I have done some research for you and found some great brands that are not only sustainable but also on trend.

Mittsu is a brand I found whilst browsing on Instagram, this is a new brand founded last year by two childhood friends Karoline & Christie.

I instantly fell in love with this brand and the story behind it. The collection has been created for the traveller on the go, someone who wants to stay modern yet chic.

Lylies jewelry is so uniquely beautifully made crafted from Salvaged Gold and Salvaged Silver. Each piece is 100% recycled from e-waste, dental waste and their scrap exchange service! Adding one or two of these pieces to your outfit would make you look like a stylish fashionesta

Reve-en-vert is more expensive but these luxury item are just so stunning it's a price I'm willing to pay! This brand is making a stand for sustainable fashion, and educating their consumers as much as possible. Each piece is so alluring and eloquent made to such a high quality

Diving into the world that is slow fashion can seem daunting at first, it is like starting an entire project again. But it's worth the while, I would love to hear about some of your favorite sustainable fashion brands!

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