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Working Backstage at London Fashion Week

It's a given that London Fashion Week is one of the busiest weeks in the fashion industry. You have the fashion influencers, editors, photographers, and designers coming together to watch a 5-10 minute show that has taken months to prepare. I have had the pleasure of working backstage for over five seasons, in a diverse range of men and women's fashion. When you think of fashion shows you think of the glamour, the beauty, the allure, but step behind the curtain and you will see the reality of the beautiful bedlam. Working as a dresser backstage is a great opportunity if you are interested in gaining some hands-on experience that is directly transferable into a potentially high profile job within the industry. This is always something that is brought up when I've gone for job interviews, the interviewers are always intrigued and fascinated with this.

As a dresser, you will be rushing around trying to make sure the show runs smoothly, your job is to be as invisible as possible. When working backstage you can always tell who is working their first season, you are not going there to get scouted as a model, so don't dress up for the runway. If you want to make a good impression roll up your sleeves and start working. You are normally told to wear an all-black outfit so, make sure to go in with an open mind and comfortable shoes.

The show may only take 5 minutes but the day for a dresser starts very early, be prepared to work long hours. This being said, we have always been catered to in terms of good quality food and drink. Once you're assigned your models and outfits you are in charge of making sure they are perfect. You will have to steam the garments yourself make sure they are up to the designers standard, and if you are given more than one outfit for a model make sure all the zippers and straps are undone. This is to ensure when its time to change the outfits it will be as easy as possible.

Don't forget you are in a working environment! There is so much going on and sometimes the excitement and chaos will get to you, but try to restrain yourself from being on your phone or taking photos/ selfies with the models. However don’t stop yourself from having fun, it’s important to capture the memory of working at fashion weeks as the days go so quickly. Knowing when it is the right time to take photos is key, once your model is fully dressed and in the line up is your time to get the famous lineup shots, make sure to not get in the way of the professional photographers or the hair and makeup artists. All photos and videos on this page have been taken by myself at London fashion weeks.

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